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they would be my vision center for sure!

Omg! All I can say is complete gratitude for being able to see me on such a short notice.  I was traveling back home from Oregon to Indianapolis was had scratched my right cornea from my contacts.  Dr. Nicole Rush was able to get me in and took such great care of me.  She assured me it was nothing to worry about and gave me some sample eye drops to save me from the inconvenience of getting a prescription filled.  My eye was immediately getting better within just a few hours from my visit with her.  Dr. Rush was so incredibly friendly and sincere, including her staff.  I would definitely recommend this establishment to anyone who's looking for more than just eye care.  Because at Bandon Vision Center,  they DO CARE!  If I didn't live out of town,  they would be my vision center for sure!

- Audrey A.